A Word From Mother Earth

A Word From Mother Earth To Her Children

You have forgotten who I am; what I mean to you and your people.
I am life; the abundance in which you live.
But you chop at my limbs, you break down my land, you take with no remorse.
But alas, it is all in vain.
For what happens to me, happens to you all the same.
How I long to nurture and care for you, letting you live in an abundant world.

However you have severed the trust between us; our bond.
My fertile ground has been corrupted by your wars, your toxicity, and your greed.
Your murderous hands seek me daily.
Open your eyes! Unclench your fists; look forward and see that my blood splatter lie upon your palms.
It it the blood of yesterday, yet it is the blood of a thousand years.
Do not deny my me the satisfaction of knowing that you will attempt;
Attempt to save me, attempt to save your self.